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Are First Actuarial (Scheme Administrators) aware of your current postal address? If not please complete a change of address notification form to ensure you continue to receive important information about your pension scheme.

Latest news

21/12/2020 - Pensioners pay for December will be paid on the 23rd December

22/07/2020 - The trustees of the Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme have appointed The Tracing Group to help locate pension scheme members they have lost touch with. If you receive a letter from The Tracing Group you can be confident this is genuine and not a scam. If you would like further reassurance, you can check with First Actuarial, the scheme’s administrators. Further information can be found by clicking here.

25/03/2020 - PENSION INCREASES 2020 - The increase to pensions in payment from April 2020, in line with the Rules of the Scheme is 2.5%. The statutory increase to the Post 88 GMP this year will be 1.7%. The increase confirmation letters are planned to be posted by 17th April but we will update the web site if this is likely to change due to the current situation with Corona Virus. If you have any queries on pension increases there is a Questions and Answers document available on the website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deferred Pensioner Members

The following questions are frequently asked by our deferred pensioner members:

  • I have never received an annual statement of my final salary benefits. Why?
  • I have preserved benefits within the scheme. What are my options regarding these benefits?
  • Can I switch my Money Purchase Funds?
  • How often can I have a transfer value?
  • When will I receive my Annual Money Purchase Benefit Satement
  • I Have previous pension benefits - Can I transfer them in?

Pensioner Members

The following questions are frequently asked by our pensioner members:

  • How is my pension increase calculated?
  • What is my Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP)
  • Can I have my pension paid into an overseas account?
  • I have recently been advised of a new tax coding by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Why are you not using this tax code when calculating my pension?
  • I am separated from my spouse. What will happen to the spouses pension entitlement if I die?

All Members

The following are the general questions frequently asked by all of our members: